Street Dancer (Extremely Funky!)

Street Dancer (Extremely Funky!) 1.01

Conquer the city with your flashy moves


  • Nice artwork
  • Fun and cheerful


  • Poor rhythm implementation
  • Repetitive music


Street Dancer (Extremely Funky!) is a dance-off game where street kids compete to gain control of the dance floor with their rad moves.

Street Dancer (Extremely Funky!) is presented in a bright, lively cartoon style reminiscent of the Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars cut scenes. You choose a character and then face off a series of challengers to become the greatest dancer in each city.

The game mechanic follows many rhythm games. A sequence of button presses appear, and you have to copy them. Sometimes a sequence must be memorized, and other times a stream of moves has to be tapped out as it appears. Music and animated dances accompanies this.

While you have to time your taps to when the instructions pass a certain point, this is unfortunately not in time to the music. The difficulty in Street Dancer (Extremely Funky!) comes from increased speed of the instructions, and longer sequences to remember. That the music is repetitive and doesn't give you a rhythm to dance to spoils what is otherwise a charmingly funny game (the translated English is funny!).

Street Dancer (Extremely Funky!) is a lightweight dancing rhythm tapping game which is held back by music which actually confuses rather than helps the simple gameplay.

Street Dancer (Extremely Funky!)


Street Dancer (Extremely Funky!) 1.01

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